ABC’s Insiders just turned the political comedy that is an average week in Parliament House into the next season of The Office.

Insiders editor Huw Parkinson (who goes by @rabbitandcoffee on Twitter) deep-fake edited Aussie politicians’ faces and the banal and tragically genuine bat shit things they’ve recently said onto famous characters from the hit comedy show, proving that Aussie politics is a total joke.

Look, I’m just gonna say it: Michael McCormack as Michael Scott now hauntingly lives in my head rent but not threat-free. I’m also just gonna say that it’s about to haunt you, too.

Let’s get into it. Here’s the cast of the new faux ABC comedy coming to Wednesday nights on ABC2: Two Weeks Notice.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack is Michael Scott

the office michael mccormack
Michael McCormack revealing the pressing issue affecting Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch: the NSW mice plague.

“Michael’s been manager for 105 days,” said Pam, played by Jenna Fischer.

“When he’s excited, he gets really into it.”

“And I tell you what, I would much sooner, much sooner, much sooner rather live in Australia than anywhere else in the nation,” Michael McCormack, on the head of Steve Carrell as Michael Scott, said.

Pam: “It’s been nice—”

McCormack: “And there’s nothing worse than the stench of mice. They should be re-homed into their inner-city apartments so that they can nibble away at their food and their feet at night and scratch their children…”

It’s at that point Pam admits: “we need a new manager.”

*Current* Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce plays Andy Bernard

barnaby joyce the office
all of a sudden, I no longer feel weird about Timotheé Chalamet playing Willy Wonka.

It’s then that Barnaby Joyce appears, admitting: “Well if I thought it was something I expected to happen, I would’ve brought my hat.”

What does he do in the very next scene? Barrel-roll on the floor towards Jim’s desk wearing an old-fashioned gentleman top hat like an off-Broadway and out-of-budget version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory: The Musical.

Please, I cannot deal with this. As Gizmodo writer Lavendar Baj said to me over Slack: “I cannot believe our tax dollars paid for this.”

Turning to Jim while he’s having an important client call on the phone, Joyce goes, while frantically looking around: “Whilst I was on the backbench, I got to know quite a few people from the Labour Party—“

“I’m on the phone,” says Jim as Barnaby Joyce continues.

“…it’s a very interesting conversation to have about their current leader.”

Federal Labor Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese Is Creed

anthony albanese the office
this sure beats the Game of Thrones skit.

I can’t tell if this is a dig at Anthony Albanese or a dig at the Federal Liberal Parrt.

“This is a government that’s been self-indulgent,” Albanese said as Creed in an iconic talking head scene from The Office.

“Instead of rolling out the vaccine to the Australian people, they’re just concentrated on rolling each other.”

It’s at this point that we see the deep-fakes of Barnaby Joyce and what appears to be a deep-fake of Federal Minister for Immigration Alex Hawke rolling the deep-faked Michael McCormack in a bundle of bubble wrap out in the carpark.

Please, I am HOWLING at this image.

michael mccormack
roly poly, roly poly, round and round.

Federal Minister For Health And Aged Care Greg Hunt Is Toby ‘Cos Ofc He Is

greg hunt the office
this entire scene gives me strong daily covid press conference update energy.

Federal Minister for Health and Aged Care Greg Hunt makes a quick appearance as Toby, the HR guy at Dunder Mifflin and constant punching bag of the office, and clashes with the office’s resident anti-vax Dwight Schute (Rainn Wilson).

“Vaccinations will help you and will help protect Australia,” Hunt says before Dwight interrupts.

“No, no, no, exposing yourself to germs is the best way to make yourself stronger.”

Please, listen to Hunt here, folks.

Federal Minister for Environment Susan Ley Is The Office’s Girlboss

I Am Absolutely Howling At This Insiders Vid Of Aussie MPs As Characters From The Office
when your boss pulls you aside in the work kitchen and blames you for their spilled oats on the floor.

Federal Minister for Environment Susan Ley seemingly does her best impression of gaslight, gatekeeper, girlboss and says, in what I think is as Creed to Andy in the work kitchen: “I will stand up in any community, and I do, and say that we have the best-managed reef in the world.”

To which Andy, and I’m sure everyone watching this video, says: “No way. In this climate?”

One Nation MP Pauline Hanson Is Meredith, The Crazy Cat Lady

the office pauline hanson
I got no caption for this one folks, the imagery of these two alone has sent me to the Bad Place.

Pauline Hanson, an already walking caricature of herself, plays Meredith. And, ofc, they take a cheeky jab at Hanson forgetting her own birthday in Parliament.

Raising her hand in the office and making everyone stop what they’re doing in the process, Pauline, as Meredith, declares: “I’m proud to say I *am* 67 years of age and I turned 67 yesterday.”

Jim then asks: “What was that all about?”

“You forgot her birthday, it was yesterday,” Phyllis explains.

The music cuts and then we get another classic zinger of Pauline Hanson saying in a talking head: “My birthday was last month.”

pauline hanson the office
when you have to start coming back into the office.

Truly, hang this shit up on a projector in Parliament House. Y’know, because who knows when we’ll next be at The Louvre.

You can watch the full clip and see the madness for yourself below: