Here’s The Aus Jobs Where Salaries Grew By 30% In The Last Two Years So You Can Secure The Bag

According to new research from, some industries have seen salaries grow by over 30% over the last two years – despite the hardships of the pandemic.

Speaking to Weekend SunriseSeek Sales and Service Director Stephen Tuffley said some of the industries that have seen huge wage growth are information technology,  hospitality and tourism and trades and services. Lemme just pop my high vis on real quick.

According to Seek, the top five jobs that have increased in pay the most over the last two years are infrastructure inspector, depot manager, resident medical officer, education consultant and leasing officer.

These all seem like real adult human jobs which means that as the weird little gremlin in your computer who writes the funny articles, I am unfortunately unqualified for them all.

But you should go and be a leasing officer for real though. Apparently their salaries went up by 35% to $109,000 over the last two years as per 7news. They don’t cover maths in gremlin writer school so I don’t know for sure but that sounds like a lot of cash.

Imagine all the Pokémon cards you could buy with that kind of dough. Or, you know, food for your kid or something.

The money is definitely great, but according to Seek employees are not just focused on salary when job-searching these days.

“In light of coming out of COVID, we know that a lot more people want to work from home and there are some roles now that are fully remote and other roles that only require you to be in the office one or two days a week and some people are looking for that, ” Tuffley said on Weekend Sunrise. 

“Some of the other perks that might be offered are gym membership or a free lunch once a week, or other things like that to try and build some morale and culture within the companies,” he added.

I mean all those perks sound awesome but I’m still just thinking about how good a $109,000 salary would be. A gremlin can dream.