There’ll Be More Industrial Action Impacting Sydney Trains In August So Here’s The Lowdown

Rail strikes will be hitting Sydney trains again as workers fight for the NSW government to meet their demands when it comes to safety concerns.

Those concerns are centred around the new intercity train fleet.

So if you’re a commuter, there’s a couple of big things to be aware of. First and foremost, according to Unions NSW from August 7 workers won’t issue fines and on August 13, gates at Sydney train stations will be left open. Noice.

There will also be a number of days when specific Sydney train services won’t be running — so hit up your bus/skateboard/unicycle/housemate’s bike instead.

As per 9News, August 10 will see train services in area one impacted between 10am and 4pm. That includes the Illawarra and South Coast T4 line, as well as potentially some Sydney services.

Additional action on August 12 will mean cleaners refusing to use vacuums or scrubbing machines.

On August 17, the T3 Liverpool and T2 Campbelltown Inner West train lines will be impacted. Then on August 23, Newcastle, Penrith and West NSW trains will be affected.

For August 25 it’ll be the City Circle and all other Sydney CBD lines. Then on August 31 Sydney train lines will be affected because strikers will be boycotting foreign-made trains. According to 9News, that’s around 70 per cent of the trains in the fleet.

The Rail, Tram and Bus Union’s NSW secretary Alex Claassens said in a statement that the government is “refusing to listen”.

“We’ve done everything by the book in order to get these vital safety changes,” he said, per The Sydney Morning Herald.

“This is our only way of making sure that the safety changes that need to be made will actually be made.”

Strike action will be focused on one area at a time, which means that while certain train lines will be impacted on certain days, other train lines should keep running smoothly.

And you know, you’ve now got a handy dandy little calendar so it’s not too hard to plan your commute around the strikes. This is the perfect opportunity to whip out those rollerblades gathering dust in your wardrobe. Just don’t forget a helmet!