Yesterday, The Australian’s cartoonist Bill Leak – thrust once more into Australia’s conscience by a gob-smackingly derogatory depiction of Indigenous families – characterised opponents to his latest ill-fated scribble as “sanctimonious Tweety Birds.”

In the same vein, he also said he lives “in a Twitter-free world,”  suggesting a distance between him and the instant backlash the cartoon caused. That’s a shame, really. ’cause if he did use Twitter, he probably would have stumbled on the hashtag #IndigenousDads by now. 
In the aftermath of that cartoon, true-blue Indigenous fathers and their families from around the nation have shared scores of images and lived experiences. 

The sheer breadth and depth of ’em portrays a rich, loving world that was totally absent from Leak’s portrayal – no pens and paper required:

Ryan Griffen, the mastermind behind Cleverman, has also contributed a shot. Of course, the entire show was sparked from his love for his son and his Indigenous heritage.
Discussing the show’s genesis, Griffen wrote “when my son is old enough to watch and understand these stories, I hope it empowers him too.

That’s why the hero in Cleverman has my son’s name, Koen.”

What was all that about sanctimony, again?

Source: Twitter.
Photo: @janecat / @alecdoomadgee / @amybrim / Twitter.