In Ironic Twist, Dallas Buyers Club Studio Being Sued For Copyright Infringement

We are all by now aware that the studio that created Dallas Buyers Club are getting ready to serve thousands of Aussies with copyright infringement lawsuits for illegally downloading their movie. Unfortunately, studios in glass houses probably shouldn’t throw lawsuits made of stone, because now, they are also being sued for copyright infringement themselves. 

The studio are soon to be creating a film called Colossal, in which Anne Hathaway discovers some kind of weird bond between herself and a giant lizard who is destroying Tokyo. Sound a little familiar to you? 
Toho, the owners of the rights to Godzilla thought so too. They have filed a lawsuit against the DBC studio for using the trademark and image of the infamous giant lizard.
The lawsuit actually went as far as stating the irony of the studio infringing someone else’s copyright: 

“That anyone would engage in such blatant infringement of another’s intellectual property is wrong enough,” the lawsuit stated.
“That defendants, who are known for zealously protecting their own copyrights, would do so is outrageous in the extreme.”