IMPORTANT CARB NEWS: Domino’s Is Breaking Into The Burger Game

Not too long ago, the company that was once known as Domino’s Pizza quietly but decisively lopped the ‘Pizza’ off and became Domino’s, a sign that there were changes to come.
Today, is has become clear that they didn’t do this because they are leaving the pizza game; they did it because they are getting into the burger, fried chicken and sandwich game.
TL;DR version: CARBS incoming.
Domino’s Australian operation is flush with success right now, with half-year net profits jumping 57% to $45.6 million, a figure it attributes to “organic network growth” and “ongoing investment in technology” across the global operation.
Over the next decade, the company is hoping to reduce its delivery times to the 10-12-minute range, as part of a notional plan to bring fresher food to consumers, which really means that they’re taking aim at competing fast food outlets and their drive-through services.
All that said, there’s no definite word yet as to what the future holds for Domino’s in Australia, and no guarantee of when this brave new Domino’s menu will be rolling out, or what aspects of it we’ll be seeing
CEO Don Meij says that customers will be the ones to “ultimately determine” what Domino’s delivers, so the plan might be to throw a heap of junk food at the wall and see what sticks.
If they do start home-delivering burgers in Australia, and if said burgers turn out to be any good, then that’s yet another dynamite reason to never leave the house again.
Source: Fairfax.