‘I’m With Stupid’ QLD Election Protestor Cleared Of Public Nuisance Charges

A Queensland man who was arrested for wearing a shirt within the vicinity of the recent Liberal National Party Queensland State Election campaign has today had all charges of public nuisance rightfully dropped in a rare instance of justice actually being served within the fickle realm of Australian Politics.
Ian Fogerty – who was arrested by no less than ten attending officers called by a contingent of the Young Liberals who took offence at the sight of a t-shirt – pleaded not guilty to the charges levelled against him last month. 
Today, Magistrate Chris Callaghan dropped the charge, citing a lack of evidence and overwhelming amount of fuckery from all involved. Jk on that last one. 
The offending shirt now takes its rightful place in the annals of history in the State Library of Queensland, where it will inevitably outlive you and I alongside other assorted flotsam from the campaign trail. 
Fogerty, who also ran the now defunct Campbell Newman parody account Not Campbell Newman, thanked his legal counsel and legion supporters, not before throwing ample shade in the direction of those who called the police in the first place because they didn’t like a t-shirt:

Or, in more simple terms:

Photo: Nine News via Twitter