Ikea’s New Line Can Be Assembled In Minutes, Doesn’t Require Tools

Swedish furniture emporium Ikea is generally considered to be a peerless way to maintain your hotdog intake and make your house feel like a home resembling everyone else’s but depending on your (in)ability to follow instructions and interpret diagrams, the putting shit together part can feel like a lego build for grown ups or an unintentional conceptual art project.

For those in the latter camp, Ikea have introduced the new Regissör line, requiring just five minutes of assembly time and no tools whatsoever.   
Explains Co.Design: “Most boards in the Regissör line are now wedge-shaped on their ends, to lean into one another at 45-degree angles, rather than connect at more precarious 90-degree angle. From what we can tell, this creates a more self-supportive structure that can get by with Ikea’s new pre-installed wooden dowels at each joint, rather than the screw-and-lock components Ikea uses today. The Regissör line also uses a lighter board with a mostly hollow, latticed skeleton structure inside. This weight reduction may further remove stress from joints.”
The range currently includes a bookcase, a coffee table, and four cabinets but could expand to additional items pending its popularity with lazy people who don’t give a fuck. 

Here’s how Ikea explain it:
Via Gizmodo