IKEA To Roll Out Online Aussie Store So You Can Shop & Not Age 100 Yrs

Say goodbye to your money, IKEA is finally getting an online store in Australia
The beloved Swedish institution – famous for meatballs, flatpack coffee tables and tearing apart families – is, for the first time, allowing Aussies to purchase their goods from the comfort of their own soon-to-be-slightly-better-decorated homes. 
On top of being convenient, it should also save at least a few marriages and share houses across the country from dissolving over stress-induced IKEA arguments. 
In a move experts are describing as “bloody baffling”, the first city to have all of IKEA’s catalogue available online will be Canberra and safe to say both the punters and the Swedes are real bloody keen for it. 
IKEA spokesman Michael Donath said that they’ve been “shown a lot of love from Canberrans,” and that the city offers “a really good opportunity… to understand how the customer experience should be where we have a store and online offering.” 
In addition to delivery, they’ll also be offering a “click and collect” service, which lets you circumvent the joy / nightmare that is wandering through the crazy maze of an Ikea by choosing what items you want online and just picking them up on arrival. What a dream.
It seems cruelly unfair that Canberra would get this first (as of November 30th) while real cities languish with a strictly analogue Ikea shopping experience, but it will be rolling out to the rest of us over the course of the next few years.
Congrats Canberra, you lucky bastards.
Photo: NBC.