If you downloaded the movie Dallas Buyers Club illegally, you may want to wait next to your letterbox – you may be getting sued for copyright infringement.

In a landmark judgement, iiNet and a bunch of other Australian ISP’s (Dodo, Internode, Amnet Broadband, Adam Internet) lost their legal battle with Dallas Buyers Club LLC, who alleged that over 4000 Australians infringed on their copyright by illegally downloading the film of the same name. 

The Federal Court‘s Justice Nye Perram determined at 2:15pm today, that these providers will have to hand over the names and addresses of all Aussie customers who downloaded the movie. 4726 IP addresses were found to have downloaded the film. 

However, Dallas Buyers Club LLC will have to submit all letters to the judge for approval, before sending them to the recipient. The judge also ordered that the privacy of individuals should be protected. Interestingly, there has been no monetary limit set by the judge for these out-of-court copyright infringement fines. 

So yeah – interesting precedent set for any future Aussie piracy issues, and maybe chill a bit with the downloads, okay everyone? Cool. 
UPDDATE: We have since received clarification that Justice Nye Perram determined an application for preliminary discovery of certain names and addresses, and that the legal battle was not ‘lost’ by iiNet and other ISP’s.
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