If You Fancy A Swim In A (Clean) Yarra, Your Wish Could Legit Come True

How drunk would you have to be to think that swimming in the Yarra River in Melbourne is a good idea? Beyond slaughtered, right? 

Well, that could perhaps change soon. (Not you getting drunk, but you having to be drunk to consider swimming in the Yarra.)
A concept was brought to the table last night, as part of Australia‘s Venice Biennale Exhibition which is opening this week.
It was this: 
Non-for-profit group The Yarra Swim Co and engineers from Arup wants to change all your preconceived notions by building a floating swimming pool that would cost somewhere between $6 million and $8 million. 
The plans suggest that the pool could be built on the banks of the Yarra, next to Enterprize Park – where Melbourne’s settlers first set down in 1835. 
The group argued that the concept of waterway pools is a fast-growing global idea, and that there’s already plans under way for both New York and London.
Yarra riverkeeper Andrew Kelly was a fan of the concept, saying it would help improve public consciousness of the river’s health because currently, the normal profile of someone who’ll swim in the Yarra was “someone who is from overseas, here on a visit, and drunk”.
So, firstly – very cool. 
Secondly, everyone, please stop the tourists jumping in the Yarra while they’re pissed, please? Okay? It’s bad.
Source: The Age
Photo: The Age.