If Ya Want Don Draper’s Steez, You Can Hit Up This Huge ‘Mad Men’ Auction

God, don’t you just looks back at some of the past decades and think,
‘Gosh, everything was so much simpler then! 

There was no smartphones or internet, and women, the LGBTQIA community, and non-white people knew their place in a societal hierarchy that only allowed for the successes of straight white men! 

Basic civil rights being denied to certain groups sure does make for good times!’
If you pine for those good ol’ oppressive days, OR if you’re a huge ‘Mad Men’ fan (hopefully the latter), then you are now in the position to own many of the props from the 1960s set. 
The auction is being led by Ellen Freund, an award-winning property master who curated all the items. 
Huge items include Peggy Olson‘s moving box (OMG, ICONIC) and SC&P typewriter, Don Draper‘s wallet and bar cart dressing, and Joan Harris’ office ice bucket and tumbler set.
There’s also Ted Chaough’s globe bar cart, Don and Megan’s clear glass ice bucket and scotch glasses set, Roger Sterling’s Ray-Ban sunglasses and the SC&P Kodak projector (comes with stand and reels). There’s over 1500 items altogether.
“Every item that appeared on ‘Mad Men’ was chosen with painstaking care to be both historically accurate for the time period and to help tell the characters’ stories through the objects around them.

With this auction, it’s exciting to give fans a chance to take home a piece of American and television history.”

The auction is happening from June 1, in line with the first anniversary of the show’s series finale. 
You gotta hit up ScreenBid.com if you’re fangin’ for some 60s Madison Avenue memorabilia, so your Don Draper impersonation is better than Abed‘s:
Source: Variety
Photo: HBO.