The identity of the man charged with a horrific assault on two backpackers on a South Australian beach last year has been revealed, following the lifting of a Supreme Court suppression order.

It can now be reported that 61-year-old Roman Heinze, the man found guilty of sexually assaulting a Brazilian tourist and violently attacking her German travel partner at Salt Creek in February 2016, also perpetrated a similar incident in 2014. 

At that time, Heinze groped a young traveller he’d met on Gumtree, and forced her onto a bed. The court heard the assault only ended when the woman kicked and screamed at Heinze. He plead guilty to those charges earlier this month. 

The court also heard further testimony from the women involved in the 2016 Wolf Creek-style attack. 

The Brazilian woman, who was found naked and in great distress after the assault, described the lingering psychological and physical impact of Heinze’s offences by saying “after the sexual assault, I was waking up in the middle of the night, scared someone was breaking in.”

She told the court “every day I see where the rope he used cut into my ankles and wrists. My legs are full of scars and I do not feel comfortable showing this skin.” 

The German tourist, who Heinze viciously attacked with a hammer and attempted to run over, maintained that he could not “defeat” her. She said “you could not break me. You could not win, even when you tried so hard.”

“You could not make me into a victim because I’m a survivor. This only has made me stronger than I have ever been.

Heinze will be sentenced next week for a gut-wrenching series of charges relating to the Salt Creek incident, including rape, indecent and aggravated assault, and endangering life. It’s believed he will attempt to appeal those charges.

Source: The Age / The Australian.
Photo: Facebook.