One of the last bastions of the King’s Cross of old, Candys Apartment, has been shut down for 72 hours after a police operation alleged it was being used to supply drugs.

NSW police raided the Bayswater Road venue on Saturday night as part of an ongoing operation, in what Keep Sydney Open has slammed as a “completely unnecessary and a waste of taxpayer’s money.” 

Outside the venue, a 21-year-old man was arrested in alleged possession of 60 MDMA caps. Police executed a search warrant at his Oakhurst home, and charged him with 22 drug offences. He’s set to appear in Central Local Court today.

The raid is being slammed as overkill. Sydney producer Elliott Harper wrote on Facebook that “you’d think that a murder has taken place”, based on the number of police outside.

KSO claim the entire operation is evidence of Mike Baird‘s government and Andrew Scipione‘s NSW Police Force engaging in a culture war that’s “not only out-of-touch, it’s futile, and it puts them at odds with generations of Australians.”

“One single drug arrest does not justify the dramatic operation undertaken by police, no matter how it’s explained. There are numerous other ways in which such an operation could have been conducted to avoid alarming patrons or hitting the pockets of hardworking artists and staff,” it wrote on Facebook.

“We know there is a deal in the works to develop the land that Candys sits on, and the over-the-top raid does nothing to dissuade the community’s skepticism of police and government motives.”

Photos: Liam Burnett-Blue / Supplied.