Streets has once again listened to the people and produced a frozen masterpiece that pays its respects to not one but TWO of our country’s most beloved treats: the Gaynetto.

The beautiful, biscuity lovechild of a Golden Gaytime and a Cornetto, it’s *actually* the brainchild of Sydney bloke Jesse James McElroy, who successfully campaigned to get the Gaytime in 1.25L tub form / our gobs.

He created a prototype of the Gaynetto for Streets’ approval – as well as one for Gaytime Biscuit Sprinkle, which is fkn genius – some months back and, low-and-behold, it’s actually come to life.

Jesse posted the happy news to his FB group The Golden Gaytime Icecream Project, after he was personally sent a letter confirming his idea’s inception by Streets.

But it wasn’t until today, when Jesse actually went in search of this Unicorn Of Aussie Desserts, that he dared believe the good news.

“I didn’t know what to think when I got the letter, but I was so stoked and relieved when I actually walked into a servo near my place and saw one sitting in the freezer,” he told PEDESTRIAN.TV. “I mean, how could they not make it? But until yesterday, I didn’t know it was going to happen. I’ve been running around like a headless chook, I’m so excited.”

There have been confirmed sightings at Woolies Bondi Junction and select service stations in Inner Sydney, but that’s not to say there hasn’t been a nation-wide rollout that Streets is probably only hours away from confirming.

So, most importantly, what does it flippin’ taste like? Magic on Jesse’s tongue?

“Yeah, it’s very good,” he says. “When I made my prototype it had biscuit crumb on the cone but they have theirs on top. Mine was a bit tricky to eat but looked impressive, whereas theirs works better I think.”. 


Photo: Supplied.