The spread of legalised weed across the United States brings with it the kind of baffling innovations inevitably occur when these kind of things get subjected to the whims of the free market. The latest wonderful development? Hunter S. Thompson‘s widow Anita wants to clone his personal weed and hashish stash for the more discerning bonglord.

Hunter S. Thompson’s Widow Is Cloning His Weed Stash To Share With Y’All

The gonzo journo was known in part for his frankly inhuman weed intake, and now the American states lucky enough to enjoy legalised recreational devil’s lettuce – which now includes California, Nevada and Massachusetts – will be able to indulge in Gonzo brand dank.

Anita Thompson explained in a Facebook post: that she’s kept some of his personal stash around and is keen to extract the DNA.

I have found a legal method to extract the DNA from Hunter’s personal marijuana and hashish that I saved for 12-15 years. I am in the process of making the strains available to those who would like to enjoy the authentic Gonzo strains in legal states. Although the the “drug lord” phrase is silly as it doesn’t match my personality, I am looking forward to making the authentic strains available in legal states to support the Farm and the scholarships.

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Now just sort us out with a Hunter S. Thompson brand shotgun and a Hunter S. Thompson brand acid tabs, and you’ve probably got yourself the makings of a good weekend.

Source: Facebook.

Photo: Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas.