Oh lord, make sure there’s some tissues nearby for this one, team. It’s a real heartbreaker.

The family of the little boy tragically killed in a freak alligator attack at Disneyland has spoken publicly for the first time since the incident.

The Graves family marked what would have been Lane Graves‘ third birthday with a celebration of his life and memory in a public, community event in their home town of Omaha, Nebraska.

Decked in blue, Lane’s favourite colour, parents Melissa and Matt fought through tears to pay tribute to their son, as hundreds of family, friends, and community members watched on.

The Graves’ neighbours, Brandi & Mike Miller, put together the “Love for Lane Celebration” in the wake of the wee lad’s death in mid-June. Lane was visiting Orlando’s Disney World Resort with the rest of his family while on holiday, and had just stepped into the waters of the Seven Seas Lagoon outside the Grand Floridian Resort when the highly rare attack occurred.

After the Graves’ spoke, people gathered at the event formed a heart shape on the grass of the high school football field where they had gathered, and released thousands of blue balloons to honour Lane’s tragically short life.

It’s… oh man, it’s a real difficult watch, this one.

That poor little mate, and that poor family. How completely unfathomable.

Source: People.