Over 250 thumb tacks laced with dog food have been found scattered in an off-leash dog park in Augustine HeightsIpswich

Queensland Police are investigating the crime, while Ipswich City Council are offering up to $5000 for information leading to the conviction of the scumbag perpetrator/s. 

A couple who found the miniature weapons in Jane Gorry Park went to acting Ipswich Mayor Paul Tully‘s home, which is in the area, after they recovered over 100 thumb tacks covered with dried dog food. 

Tully is rightfully disgusted: 

Resorting to this sort of tactic against defenceless animals would be abhorrent to every decent person in Australia.

Any dog that ate those thumb tacks could suffer a painful and excruciating death.”

The RSPCA‘s Michael Beatty said, 

I’ve not heard of anything like it.

You get dogs that are poisoned with baits being put down but not with thumb tacks.

That’s a really sick mind for somebody to do that.

The acting Mayor wants “serious jail sentences” for those responsible, to act as a deterrent to others.

Under the Queensland Criminal Code, a person convicted of animal cruelty could face up to three years in prison, while someone convicted of serious animal cruelty could serve up to seven years.

However Beatty pointed out that the longest anyone has been sentenced for animal cruelty offences was three months, and they only actually served one month in prison. While the RSPCA can prosecute for animal cruelty, only the police can prosecute for serious animal cruelty.

Council officers and local residents recovered many of the thumb tacks, but the park was closed down today for a thorough sweep. It has since reopened.

All the best to the cops in the ensuing investigation – let’s hope they nail ’em. 

Source: The Courier-Mail / The Queensland Times.

Photo: Vlad Vovk.