Hugh Grant Got Filmed Slamming A Pub Shoey & We’re Just So Proud

Just days after we were blessed with footage of Australian hero (and future King of our inevitable Mad Max-style apocalyptic wasteland) Shannon Noll helping a fan neck a shoey, we’ve got another piece of Ultimate ‘Straya: International Edition
This time, it’s evidence of the humble shoey – the act beloved by party dogsTriple J science men and Wikipedia entry-writing aliens alike – going really, truly international. 
How the following scenario came to be is anyone’s guess. What we do know is this: it is footage of much loved and distinguished British actor Hugh Grant. He is wearing a suit and seated at a table in what looks like a quite nice establishment, and he’s surrounded by (what can only be) Australians chanting, “I’ve never seen Hugh Grant do a shoe, shoe, shoe“. 
And my friends, he is doing a shoey. 
Full credit to Brown Cardigan for bringing Shoe Grant to the world, and also to their sterling audience for having the presence of mind to incite Hugh Grant into acts of senseless shoe-related alcoholism, and film it for posterity. 
Long live Shoe Grant. Next on the list: Justin Trushoe, Shoepita Nyong’o, Mishoe Obama and Kim Kardashoean. The humble shoey: Australia’s finest export. 
Image: Brown Cardigan.