HSC Exams Stolen From Elite Sydney Private School In Ballsy Heist

You’ve probably all thought it. It’s the day before a big exam, you’re sweating bullets, and wondering if you’ve studied enough, or studied the right things. Wouldn’t it be handy if you could somehow just have a little sneaky squiz at the exam questions ahead of time, just to make sure you are on the right track?

Well, it seems that someone (or a few someones) have taken this flight of fantasy a few steps further, with two trial HSC physics papers designated for students at the prestigious Scots College stolen from a storage cupboard at the school in Bellevue Hill on Monday, the night before the exams were to be sat. What a coincidence!

The school is under pressure to expel any students who might have been involved, and head of curriculum John Mongomery was hugely unhappy with the crime-doing, telling The Sydney Morning Herald that the incident was “very upsetting and extremely disappointing.”

It is only alleged at this stage that students may have been behind the heist, but the trial exam was indeed cancelled, and students at Scots will not be sitting any of the exams that were kept in the cupboard until they can be rewritten and rescheduled. If authorities want to catch the crims, maybe just keep an eye out for the kids everyone is buying lunch for at the canteen this week.