PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with O&G to give y’all a reason to get out of bed smiling this winter, no matter your account balance. Starting from July 7, O&G is rolling out free breakfasts around Sydney and Melbourne to fill your bellies with crunchy granola or warm chunky oatmeal and your days with ~good vibes~. Find a brekky bowl, puppy cuddles (not even kidding) and musical offerings at a location near you, by checking their Facey event HERE.


Trying to get by in Australia‘s most expensive city is no easy feat. We legitimately feel your pain.

After paying anywhere from $200 to $600 a week for rent alone, you’re somehow meant to fit in costs for the commute to work, your social life and, you know, getting food in your gob.

It truly is a surprise that we’ve gotten this far. However, for your next pre-pay day freak out, we’ve got you sorted with a $0 day.

How To Stretch $0 In Sydney This Week To Give The Wallet A Solid Rest



Y’can kick off your day with a free brekky at O&G Breakfast Bar, which is popping up in / around Sydney for the next week. There’s something for every tastebud with a range of granola or warm oatmeal paired with your pick of fuits / nuts / yoghurt. There’ll even be live music, meditation and – wait for it – CUDDLES WITH PUPPIES (omgomg I’m so there it’s not even funny). What a friggin’ way to start the day, amirite?

July 7: Martin Place, 7-11am.
July 8: Wynyard Park, 7-11am.
July 9: Cronulla Mall, 8-Midday.
July 10: Manly Ferry Wharf, 8-Midday.
July 11: Manly Ferry Wharf, 7-11am.
July 12: Centenary Sqaure, 7-11 am.

How To Stretch $0 In Sydney This Week To Give The Wallet A Solid Rest
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Donating blood is rewarding in more ways than, you know, feeling good about yourself. Goodies vary from donor centre to donor centre, but the Town Hall Donor Centre has made a name for itself with cheese sandwiches, Shapes (even though they’re pathetic excuses for a snack these days), hotdogs and milkshakes. That, you guys, is basically a free lunch and you get to feel like a good human while you’re at it.


Tipple Bar & Bistro does “free food Fridays” where they offer complimentary canapés to all their guests (times are up to the staff, probably to lure you lot in for the long haul). We can’t believe this is a thing, but us freebie-lovin’ inner-city folk sure ain’t complaining.



The good thing about museums and galleries is that they’re generally free to the public, and, well, there’s a helluva lot of them in Sydney to make you feel ~cultured~ etc. Think White Rabbit Gallery (free Wed-Sun), The Rocks Discovery Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, Art Gallery of NSW and more.

How To Stretch $0 In Sydney This Week To Give The Wallet A Solid Rest
Photo: Facebook / Art Gallery of NSW.


The Soda Factory in Surry Hills transforms into a movie cinema on Monday nights from 5pm. It’s free (and have the likes of Sister Act, The Lion King, Rocky Horror Picture Show and He’s Just Not That Into You coming up) but there’s hotdogs, snacks and drinks should you wish to spend the last of your pay check. Check out more HERE.


The University of Sydney hosts a bunch of free talks throughout the year, which sees experts in their fields debate interesting and sometimes controversial topics. Go get educated etc, by signing up to a Sydney Ideas talk HERE.


Crows Nest Hotel is “one of the most regarded comedy nights in Sydney” and is – you guessed it – totally free. It’s on the first Thursday of every month from 7.30pm. 



Sahaja Yoga Meditation Australia hosts free meditation classes (60-90 mins) Australia-wide – suitable for both beginners and regulars. From Glebe to Bondi Junction, hit up your local class by checking out a time HERE.


Lentil As Anything in Newtown – on top of giving y’all hearty meals in pay what you feel fashion – offers free (or by donation) yoga classes on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Also, there’s Salsa class on Monday. Check the times HERE.


Fluro Fridays are held in Bondi and Manly every Friday morning from 6.30 am for a morning of free surf / swim / yoga, where everyone dresses in the brightest threads they can find to raise awareness for mental illness. Find out more HERE.

How To Stretch $0 In Sydney This Week To Give The Wallet A Solid Rest
Photo: Facebook / OneWave.



If you’re a slave to the daily grind, the sweaty stank carriage that is the morning / arvo commute is enough to make you throw the towel in on city living. 

Thankfully, Sydney’s Opal Card gives you something to be grateful for after eight paid journeys a week. Essentially your travel on Fridays and weekends are free, but not for long because apparently Sydney hates us. Milk this situation while you can, ’cause they’re about to strip us of our privileges on September 5.

Who would’a thunk it – you can actually make a go of it in Sydney, even if you’ve got as much in your bank account as Julie Cooper post-Caleb Nichol.

Besides, if you’re spending that much dosh on a Harry Potter under-the-stairs scenario, you may as well get out there and enjoy those city surroundings.

Go on – get outta bed and soak up that good / free life.  

How To Stretch $0 In Sydney This Week To Give The Wallet A Solid Rest

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