PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Carousell to help y’all get cashed up before the festive season. The game-changing app makes flogging your preloved goods a bloody breeze – you just snap to sell / chat to buy. Head HERE to get cracking on making some dosh real quick.

ChristmasInformation Era“Where’s my Sephora bronzer, ass-wipe,”

The problem is that you’re fighting against the rising cost of living like it were a mugger going after your nan’s purse. Sometimes emulating Connor McGregor, however, just isn’t enough, and you’re forced to give hand-made presents (read: aforementioned macaroni picture frame) to your nearest and dearest. 

Will they understand? Yes. Will you feel like a turd after they give you everything you listed on your floor-length wish-list? Yes. Does it have to be this way? No. 

How To Make An Extra $1K Before Xmas So You Can Buy Nice Pressies For Once

Here are 5 ways to help you make a quick grand before the festive season arrives so you can give your loved ones the superficial BS they’re gagging for + feel like an absolute superstar in the process.

(FYI: we’ve included a measurement to depict how easy it is to make phat stacks via the below methods with dollar signs. $$$$$ = FAB, $$$ = V. DECENT and $ = GOOD BUT A LIL’ COMPLICATED.) 


Love all things furry and four-legged? Would you like to get paid for your love of all things furry and four-legged? Gird your leashes, ‘cos Pawshake does just that. Ranging in services from dog walking to house sitting, Pawshake connects folk who’re sadly going to be separated from their pet with those who’re willing to look after them. 

How To Make An Extra $1K Before Xmas So You Can Buy Nice Pressies For Once

Just like most Gig Economy, well, gigs, you can set your own availability to land jobs that suit your schedule. But hey, it’s pet sitting we’re talking about, not shovelling coal – ‘sif you won’t want to do this 24/7?!

You can find out more about Pawshake HERE.


In case you haven’t heard of it yet, Carousell is the new game-changing app that makes selling your preloved goods online a simple process. Yep, say sayonara to the normal BS you’ve gotta deal with from other platforms – Carousell is so basic even your technologically inept mother could handle it. All you’ve got to do to sell something is snap a photo, write a lil’ description and upload it. Oh, and seeing as you’re looking to make money and not spend it, you’ll be happy to hear that Carousell is 100% free. 

How To Make An Extra $1K Before Xmas So You Can Buy Nice Pressies For Once

If its simplicity is so outrageous, and therefore lost on you, then check out this video to see how it works:


IMO, the best way to make cash off an app like Carousell is by flogging your old threads. Literal empires have been made off the back of selling old clothes to every hipster and their dog. Head to your wardrobe, honestly ask yourself, “When was the last time I wore this,” and if the answer’s over six months, have a crack at offloading it on the app. 

Keen? You can download Carousell HERE


You got a room? YOU GOT A CASH COW. Yes, Airbnb is (as we sure you know) one of the best ways to make money in 2016. The only problem, however, is that the room you’re in a position to hire out is probably also the room you sleep in. 

How To Make An Extra $1K Before Xmas So You Can Buy Nice Pressies For Once

Look, it might not be the most convenient method, but if you’ve got a great mate / partner who’s willing to let you occasionally bunk with them in exchange for you cooking them dinner, then this might be a legit means of making coin for you. Just list your room and bail from your crib to somewhere else if you get any bites on your listing. Even posting your space for a price that’s more on the modest side will see you bringing in a fair bit of bacon. 

List your room on Airbnb HERE


Another one for the car-owners amongst you. If you both live and work in the city, odds are your car just sits in its bay all day – only to be used for grocery runs, road trips and the likes. Why go through the hassle of driving during peak hour and forking out for parking when you’re likely a 15 minute bus ride away from your office? 

It’s no surprise why inner-city car-owners question the need for their vehicle on the reg – owning one can seem a lil’ pointless when you’re using it so infrequently. 

How To Make An Extra $1K Before Xmas So You Can Buy Nice Pressies For Once

Enter, Car Next Door: a vehicle rental service that allows users to borrow your wheels when you don’t need them. As long as you’ve got the required car insurance (more on that HERE), then you can sign up. After that, the availability of when your car can be used is up to you.  

Get the 411 on Car Next Door HERE


Upwork’s an ace option for those of y’all who’ve mastered (or a generally decent at) a creative skill. Say you’ve got a background in graphic design: you can pump out decent logos, make some money and build your portfolio in one hit. The site is legit as can be, so you’ll never have to worry about not getting paid, too.

How To Make An Extra $1K Before Xmas So You Can Buy Nice Pressies For Once

Start (Up)working better, and not harder, by heading HERE

There you have it, folks. We wish you all the best in your quest to get cashed up / in a position to pay for everyone’s bloody Christmas presents. 

Of all the above options, however, we’ve gotta say Carousell’s your best bet for making phat stacks quickly. Get to selling your unwanted threads (or anything else you’d like to flog) by downloading it HERE

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