It happens every bloody Chrissie. 

Perhaps it comes from that grot Aunty who always reeks of ciggies, or maybe it’s that deadshit from the sales department who everyone agrees is “just a bit off”, but regardless of which tertiary social tier acquaintance it comes from, you’re almost definitely gonna receive an irredeemably shithouse Christmas present in the coming weeks.

How To Give The Best ‘Gift Face’ For That Inevitable Shithouse Xmas Pressie

The age-old art of lying through your fucking teeth in order to not upset someone who’s just bequeathed you a USB powered desk-fan is a skill that apparently many of us utilise this time of year, with a new report from Groupon Australia finding 92% of Aussies admitting they lie when they receive a Xmas gift they think is straight-up garbo. 

Like any skill though, Gift Face requires practice and discipline which is where ur old mates P.TV step in, as we’ve hooked up with former NIDA acting teacher Steve Matthews (he’s had a hand in developing the acting chops of the likes of Cate bloody Blanchett, so you know he’s good) to help you master the ultimate Gift Face.

Walking us through the 5 main elements of the Gift Face; Rehearse, Visualise, Timing, Focus & Distract, Steve put two known filthy dirty liars (our own Courtney & Matt) through their gift-getting paces and we grabbed it all on our Snapchat, which you can cop some knowledge from, right here:

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