Here’s Your Guide To Getting Vaccinated As Soon As Possible So Lockdown Can Finally Fuck Off

Get vaccinated ASAP
Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Everyone’s getting vaccinated at the moment. We’re dealing with a global pandemic after all, and half of us are in lockdown to boot.

But it’s still not always clear just how easy it is to get that jab. Luckily you’ve come to the right place.

Your first port of call should be this ingenious map which lists all the clinics and pharmacies around Australia that are doing vaccinations, including links to book appointments.

You really can just go and book it. It’s as simple as that. And once 70% of the population is fully-vaccinated, certain lockdown restrictions will begin to ease.

However, if you’d like the full details on just how to get vaxxed, read on below.

Which vaccine should I get?

Both the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines are safe and effective. They’ll massively reduce your chance of catching the virus and, if you do somehow still get it, you symptoms will likely be much milder than the unvaccinated people who are ending up in intensive care.

Both vaccines are also safe. Remember, the best vaccine is the one you can get soonest.

You can whack your info into the government’s vaccine eligibility checker to suss things out. If you’re still curious about how it might affect any health conditions you might have, it’s best to speak with your doctor for some reassurance.

Find a clinic using the interactive map

The government’s been pretty crap at communicating where and how you can get jabbed. Thankfully, data genius Ken Tsang has created an interactive map of where you can get vaccinated.

COVID-19 Near Me lists all the clinics and pharmacies around Australia that are offering COVID vaccines. You can filter by either Pfizer or AstraZeneca, as well as by what vaccination sites have free appointments.

The map then links to each clinic’s booking system.

Some clinics are even doing walk-ins

Some vaccine clinics are accepting walk-ins, meaning you don’t need to book an appointment but you might have to wait in line for a bit.

There are a whole bunch of walk-in or drive-thru clinics in Victoria and a couple of walk-in clinics in Sydney too.

Book an appointment the easy way

If you’re in Sydney, Reddit user u/handshakerefuser has built a tool called Covid Queue to snag an appointment at a handful of the larger vaccination sites.

This helps speed up the process of getting a booking at places like the Sydney Olympic Park megaclinic, Westmead Hospital and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

However, if there aren’t any convenient appointments available soon, your best bet is just to check with your local doctor’s clinics or pharmacies instead and get vaccinated there instead.

What about Moderna?

Moderna – a.k.a. the Dolly Parton vaccine – is on its way to Aussie shores. The first million shots are on track to arrive here in September and will be distributed at pharmacies.

The Moderna vaccine uses mRNA technology similar to the Pfizer vaccine, which means it has to be imported from overseas because Australia doesn’t have the facilities to manufacture it locally.

The government hasn’t set any eligibility requirements for who can get vaccinated with the Moderna jab just yet, but we’ll keep you updated on all the news as it happens.