As things start to open back up across New South Wales and Victoria, having your COVID vaccination certificate is something you’ll need to have on hand to enjoy a lot of those freedoms. Restaurants, pubs, and bars across Sydney are already asking people to show their vax status before they can enter, so instead of having to rifle through your phone – or keep a print out in your wallet (?) – you can now add your vaccine certificate to your check-in app.

Service NSW and Service Victoria apps will now let you add your COVID-19 digital certificate to your account, so you can open everything up in one go, and then when you check in at the pub or your fave restaurant it’ll also confirm that you’ve had both your jabs.

So how do you add it in there? It’s super easy, and if you’ve already added your vaccine certificate to your iPhone’s wallet or pinned it to your Android home screen, you’ll be able to link it up to the Services app in a pinch.

If you’ve got the Express Plus Medicare app on your phone, you should be able to link your certificate to your state’s check-in app from there.

Firstly make sure both your Medicare app and your Services app are updated, then you should be able to share the information across by opening up your digital certificate in the ‘Proof of Vaccinations’ section, selecting the COVID vaccine certificate, and hitting ‘Share with check in app’, and then ‘Add certificate’.

covid vaccine services nsw victoria check in app

If you don’t have the Medicare app, you can still share your vaccination certificate with the check-in apps through your MyGov account. After you log into your account, scroll down to ‘Proof of COVID-19 vaccination’ and hit ‘Go to Medicare’.

Then you can go through the process to share the information with your check-in app, and add the certificate to the Services app.

From there, you should see it pop up on your state’s check-in app – or multiple apps if you’re in a border town or an approved worker.

covid vaccine services nsw victoria check in app

So when you scan the QR code to enter a venue, pub, restaurant or what-have-you, the screen that pops up when you’ve successfully checked in will now also have your name with a little green bubble and ‘Valid Certificate’ next to it, signifying that you’re all good to go.

If you need to show someone your full certificate, you can find that in the check-in app as well. Gotta love a streamlined process.

Image: Getty Images / Stefan Gosatti