How Good’s Your Internet? Netflix Has Launched Its Aussie ISP Speed Index

Netflix launched in Australia around six weeks ago, opening up a whole new world of binge watching opportunities, and overnight, the service unveiled a local version of its ISP Speed Index, indicating who delivers content to users the fastest.

The index lists the average prime time streaming speed for content streamed to Netflix customers across various ISPs, and the figures for the month of April can be seen below:
TPG came in on top for the month, with an average speed of 3.36 Mbps. Optus came in second, with 3.27, and iiNet third, with 3.24. As Fairfax point out, the latter two have equipment in their networks that caches Netflix content, allowing for speedier delivery.
Netflix note that the index is not a measure of overall performance for ISPs, but purely for how Netflix itself performs, in terms of picture quality, start times and interruptions. 
Hopefully you’re getting less of this:
And more of this: