Most people like to order a burger in bed at 2am from room service, maybe a couple of sneaky bevvies, but at Hotel Nikko in San Francisco, you can get yourself some time in the hotel canine ambassador’s busy schedule.

The hotel itself is dog-friendly, so for an extra $63 you can bring your beloved floofy friend on holidays with you. They get to stay on the VIP (Very Important Pooch) floor, get their own bed and water bowl, and cop a sweet little doggy bag full of treats and toys when you check in.

And yes, it costs extra if your pooch makes a mess of the place. Blame everything on the dog, why don’t you.

They’ve got a puppy play area outside, so your mate can have a bit of a muck around instead of being stuck inside all the time, lazing around and drinking cocktails in a fluffy robe.

Back to Hotel Nikko’s canine ambassador. His name is Buster and he’s been working at the hotel since 2015.

Regularly working on the concierge desk, Buster loves to give guests a bit of extra love when they come to check in, and will spend time playing with the puppy patrons that come to visit.


Each room in the hotel comes with a stuffed version of Buster that guests can adopt and take home for a small price, and if you’d like to spend some private cuddle time with the real pooch himself, then you can call the front desk from your room and see if Buster can fit you into his busy calendar.

Potentially the most spoiled and loved puppo in all of San Fran, I know exactly where I wanna stay next time I’m in America.

Image: Instagram / @nikkopupsf