A Bloke & His Dog Survived Five Days Snowed In A Car By Eating Hot Sauce

After ducking out to get petrol at the end of February, a man and his dog were found stuck in their car five days later, surviving on Taco Bell hot sauce packets and turning the car’s engine over periodically for warmth.

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As per The GuardianJeremy Taylor had taken his pooch Ally to fill his car up and were last seen at a local petrol station on February 24. Not long after, the pair found themselves snowed in on a forest service road, and without any way forward, Taylor decided to sleep in his car overnight. What could go wrong, right?

Turns out a heap more snow dumped down overnight, making it impossible for Taylor and Ally to get out with the car. After an attempt to hike back to civilisation and realising the snow was too deep to even do that, Taylor went back to his car and decided to wait it out.

I mean this is very much how people die out in the snow, but sure.

Five days later on March 1, Taylor and Ally were found by a snowmobiler who called 911, and the car was towed out to safety by a local rescue team. Turns out that Taylor had kept himself and his pup warm by turning over the car’s engine periodically, and had sustained themselves on hot sauce packets from Taco Bell that he had found in his car. Local authorities said that the pair were found healthy, but definitely hungry.

Oh, ANGEL. (Image: Facebook/Jeremy Taylor.)

Looking at the ingredients, I can understand how he could have gone full Survivor mode here, but it’s probably just enough to sustenance to keep you going for about a week max.

Tomato puree, vinegar, salt, dried onions and garlic, and some various chilis would not get you very far, but it was just enough to save this bloke’s life. I think Jeff Probst would probably be impressed and Taylor should probably put his hand up for the next season of Survivor tbh.

After being rescued, Taylor posted his thanks on his Facebook, saying that he got lucky, and isn’t ever going to do that again, which is probably the main lesson to be learned here.

Someone get Taco Bell on the phone, this bloke deserves free food for life.