Hooo Boy, NSW Has Been Absolutely Rocked By This Mental #SydneyStorm

It’s a little wet in New South Wales right now. 

In meteorological terms, a huge low pressure system meandered from inland towards the east coast overnight; there, it met warm water off the coast, resulting in some light drizzles along the edge of NSW. 

J/K, it’s been absolutely fucking bonkers. A severe weather warning remains in place for the state, which is still being rocked by damaging winds, high tides, crushing surf and very, very heavy rainfall. 

Flooding has already inundated several regions including Narrabeen in Sydney’s north, while residents of North Lismore in the state’s north east have also been advised to evacuate due to a rapidly rising Wilsons River.

#Narrabeen lake looking a little bit full in this awesome weather

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Floodwater fun #ecl #flood2016 #lismore #bigwet

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The coast itself has also been copping it; incredibly strong surf has already eroded some of Sydney’s Northern Beaches, resulting in a pretty dramatic loss of beachfront in some regions. 

Feet first. #Bronte #ocean #storm

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The BOM have stated the highest tides will come around 8.30PM, and they’re expected to exceed the highest regular tides recorded all year.
You better believe the shining metropolis of central Sydney is facing this maelstrom too. A few brave souls have done the hard work for the rest of us, braving the elements to demonstrate just how blowy it’s been out there:

The Bureau of Meteorology have advised residents in the area displayed below to move their vehicles from under trees, secure bits and pieces in yards, and for the love of all things good and holy, don’t walk or drive through floodwaters. 

Stay safe, fam.

For more updates, hike on over to bom.gov.au, NSW SES are also relaying current flood warnings on their social channels. 

Source: ABC / Sydney Morning Herald / BOM. 
Photo: Sydney Cove Oyster Bar / Instagram.