‘ACA’ Cornered The Honey Badger In PNG And (Surprise) He Was Not Thrilled

If there’s one thing you can say about A Current Affair, it’s that they have no qualms about following and attempting to interview people who have explicitly said that they do not want to be interviewed. Because (apparently) someone had to do it, ACA sent someone to a resort in Port Moresby that Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins was spending time in following the finale of his season of The Bachelor to ask him if he felt bad about the ending of the show. What they got was a few requests to be left alone before Cummins said he would call security. Pretty insightful stuff.

[jwplayer z25Jd4AY]

Don’t let that fool you, though, they still managed to turn this into just over six minutes of quality television, peppering in clips from the series and narrating shots of the Honey Badger using his phone while on a banana lounge.

You might not get any particularly solid answers to any questions you might have, but if you are very, very keen to see the Honey Badger look exhausted beyond comprehension while an ACA narrator makes self-effacing comments about how this all might be really silly, this is definitely the video for you. The preview below contains nearly all of the footage they have:

But if you simply must see the rest, you can get the full clip here. My favourite part is maybe when it implies that he’s a terrible person for not falling in love with one of a few dozen women on a TV show even though they were very pretty. Or maybe it’s the bit when the reporter says the phrase “dipping his toes” while literally dipping his toes into some water. Or maybe it’s the best where he apologises for bothering Cummins before immediately bothering him. There’s just so much to choose from!