A Truganina man has been nationally lauded as a (guitar) hero, after fighting off two knife-wielding baddies with a bass guitar. Incredible stuff.

Just before 2AM yesterday, two intruders broke down the door of Mike Conomy and Annabelle Sutton‘s home demanding the keys to their Mercedes.

“Glass shattered everywhere,” Annabelle told 9News, “half the door is broken on the floor, and before we know it… they are asking for the keys, yelling at us for the keys.”

One of the aggressors then threatened Annabelle with a knife, pushing her into the bathroom.

At that moment, Mike started looking around. “I’m not going to grab a bin or something like that,” he recounted. “What’s something I can swing? What’s in that room? A guitar.”

He then grabbed the cheapest one from this collection – of course – and charged at the pair.

Mood. (Image: Nine)

Not only did he run the intruders out of the home, but he followed them right up to their car and started whacking it with the bass.

“All I really saw was him with the guitar wielding it like a battle axe,” Annabelle said.

Both Mike and Annabelle were physically unharmed, although the bass guitar did receive a scratch or three. Battle scars, we’ll call them.

Image: Nine

Check out the rest of their interview below. I thought I couldn’t admire Mike any more but, following these incredible reenactments, I do. Te amo, Mike,


A Truganina man has fought off would-be thieves with the only weapon he could find – a guitar.Knife-wielding thugs got more than they bargained for when they tried to steal the man's luxury car. #9News

Posted by 9 News Melbourne on Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Image: Nine