‘Home & Away’ Star Johnny Ruffo Has Emergency Surgery To Remove Brain Tumour

It seems safe to say that Johnny Ruffo, who rose to fame as a finalist on ‘The X Factor’ in 2011 and went on to star as Summer Bay‘s Chris Harrington on Home & Away, has had a rough couple of days.

The singer and actor posted some graphic photos on his Facebook and Insta accounts earlier today with the alarming caption: “Some things in life really put things into perspective, hoping for a positive result, keep me in your thoughts x“.


The cause of that gnarly scar? Just a bit of casual, totally unexpected brain surgery.

According to a statement he released later today, he went to hospital on Sunday complaining of a migraine. Instead of being sent home with some extra-strength Panadol, doctors found a brain tumour, and promptly removed it.

As of yet, no further details have emerged about what kind of tumour it was, or whether Ruffo is going to need to undergo further treatment. It does seem clear that he’s going to have a pretty gnarly scar – look at those staples, holy shit.



All the best for your recovery, mate. Everyone else: if your head bloody hurts, go to the bloody hospital, please. Christ alive.