A Pakistani student living in Sydney has come forward about working for troubled convenience store chain 7-Eleven. And it is baaaaaaaddddd.

While some of the people who came forward originally with complaints of minuscule pay rates and workers being taken advantage of are now starting to receive payment from legal battles, the student (who prefers to be known only as Ahmed) has only just come forward.

Ahmed says he was paid only $325 for 3 months of work at a 7-Eleven store, which lawyers reckon is about 685 hours. Which means his wage was 47c an hour. Holy crap.

Ahmed also says that when he complained about his pay, his boss threatened to report him for working more hours than his visa allowed:

“He was blackmailing me – he says, ‘I have seen you working somewhere else and you are under my observation so don’t to be smart with me’. 

He wanted me to keep working with him as a slave without being paid anything.”

Luckily, Ahmed has found another job now, and has legal representation. He is hoping to receive $10,000 or so in backpay. And bloody hell, we hope he does too. 

Source: Daily Telegraph.

Photo: Washington Post / Getty.