HOLY EARLY CHRISTMAS PRESENT: The ‘Love Actually’ Sequel Is Online Now

Remember those infuriating rumours of a Love Actually sequel that just kept coming and coming with little to no payoff? 
And remember then finding out that they were only broadcasting it on British TV for Red Nose Day, and weeping frustrated tears of despair at realising you’d never see exactly what became of Liam Neeson‘s cute gremlin step-kid?
Well despair no more, because the full 16-minute sequel has been put up on good ol’ YouTube for your nostalgic pleasure, right the hell now. 
Featuring a much stiffer dancing Hugh Grant (havin’ a boogie to your boy Aubrey Graham), Bill Nighy in fine never-ageing form, and Andrew Lincoln‘s much-maligned signs. Also Kate Moss. Somehow. 
You’ll snort, you’ll sniff, you’ll relive the brief time in your life when you could enjoy the bloody film without feeling a twinge of guilt at how probbo it is
Brush up on your Portuguese pillow talk, friends. It’s short, it’s sweet, and it’s adorable, actually. 
Source: NBC.
Image: Love Actually.