American President-elect Donald Trump took to the lectern this morning to deliver his first press conference in months. He brought his family. He brought staff. He brought his lawyer. And he brought a fuck-off big stack of files he claimed were proof he’d been busy divesting himself of his business interests before taking office.

Announcing that he’ll be signing over his business interests to his children Eric and Donald Jr. while he runs the nation – God, it still hasn’t fully sunk in yet – he pointed to the files and said they’re “just some of the many documents I’ve signed turning over complete and total control to my sons.”

Some funny things have happened after that declaration. First, Yahoo News correspondent Hunter Walker claimed he was turned away when he asked to have a peek inside the files to verify Trump’s claims.

Then, Slate’s report on the matter noted how dodgy the blank manila files seemed, saying “one imagines him showing up to future press conferences with additional objects from the theater storage room.”

Welp, it may not have even been good enough for the high school drama department, ’cause a Hollywood pro has called straight bullshit on the whole lot. Amy Berg, a writer and producer who has worked on Person Of Interest, Leverage, and The 4400, reckons the whole thing was a stitch-up:

Granted, the CNN journo whose photo Berg used to make her point has steered clear of saying whether they’re blank or not:

But the fact at least one person with prop know-how has questioned the mysteriously pristine and unmarked papers after reporters were denied access is worth a casual ponder. After all, if they are fake, then Trump may have just tried duping the entire planet about his massive alleged conflicts of interest. 

Source: Slate. 
Photo: Noah Gray / Amy Berg / Twitter.