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I’m calling it – Tassie gets the gold medal for participation in the Climate Strike Rallies. I know, I know – some teeny towns basically 100% showed up which is fantastic, and we’re all winners here for doing our bit to support the planet.

But Tasmania has 515,000 people, period. For 22,000 of them to take time out of their day? That’s huge news. That’s a goddamn major percentage of the population! And that’s just Hobart’s numbers, not all the other towns or cities like Launceston.

I’m getting pretty emotional seeing all the photos of people banding together to make an impact – climate change is real and the fact so many of us Aussies are acknowledging it together is warming my cold, dead heart.

According to many reports, the rally is bigger than the Franklin Dam rally – which happened in the EIGHTIES.

Some reports say it’s the biggest strike Tassie has ever seen.

Image: Twitter / @_TessaSmith_