Fashion giant H&M have launched the new ad campaign for their Autumn line, and it’s fkn awesome. 

It shows women who are plus-size, queer, trans, have shaved heads, frizzy hair, massive muscles, and a plethora of other features the insane world of fashion would usually pooh-pooh. 

The clip is set to a cover of Tom Jones’ She’s A Lady sung by Jillian Hervey of Lion Babe, who also appears in the video. It’s a song with some pretty misogynist lyrics, but the vid cleverly twists them to be empowering. E.g. She “always knows her place,” AND THE PLACE IS AT THE HEAD OF A CORPORATE BOARDROOM.

Not everybody is onboard though. The ever-woke Daily Mail have written a pretty snarky article where they call the models “wobbly”, “hairy”, and has a pretty snide tone throughout, with heaps of reasonable words wedged into ‘condescending’ inverted commas. 

Good grief.