Hitler Look-Alike Walks Around Reclaim Australia Rally Like It’s NBD

‘Godwin’s Law’ states that every online discussion, no matter how light-hearted or banal, will eventually reach one conclusion: someone, at some point, is gonna sling accusations that their opponent is either a Nazi, or literally Hitler. 
If yesterday’s Reclaim Australia protests are anything to judge by – and boy howdy, they sure are – Godwin’s Law has transcended shit-talking online, and has landed squarely in the middle of the IRL ‘debate’ over Islam, immigration, and terrorism in Australia.
That’s because some dude decided yesterday at a protest in Brisbane, imitating the planet’s most universally recognised scumdog Adolf Hitler was an a-okay thing to do. 

Ah, yes, nothing raises the level of rhetoric around these contentious issues like rocking that side-swoop and mo’. Regardless, he looked pretty chuffed with himself. Perhaps it was his own personal protest to Reclaim The Moustache? Who. Bloody. Knows.
The few shots of him sauntering around aren’t enough to determine if the dude is actually tunnelling into Adolf’s mental ideologies, or if he’s just a very dedicated double-agent piss-taker. On behalf of planet Earth, though: the last thing we need is another megalomaniacal asshole.