Two hikers got lost in Main Range National Park in Warwick, 130 kilometres southwest of Brissy, after Google Maps reportedly led them astray yesterday afternoon. 

The 29-year-old men, who had set out from their homes in Brisbane that morning for a casual-day-walk-turned-impromptu-camping-trip, were apparently sent in the wrong direction by the app as they attempted to climb up to The Steamers, a craggy outcrop east of Yangan, overlooking the cliffs of the national park. 

Unable to find their way out, they slept overnight in the national park, shivering through temperatures below 10°C without warm clothing. They did however have a pack of matches, food and water, so were able to eat and light a fire. 

The men managed to find enough reception to call one of their sisters, who reported them missing at about 6pm last night. 

Police found their car, and were able to confirm that the men were in fact stranded in the national park. 

Polair Search and Rescue were instructed to begin the search at first light by triangulating the men’s last known mobile phone signal. Once found, a LifeFlight helicopter winched ’em out of the bushland at lunchtime today. 

The men were described as dehydrated, but not needing medical attention, and were collected by their sister, who drove them the two hours back to Brisbane. 

Senior Sergeant Jamie Deacon warned other potential hikers of the need to be prepared: 

It’s a massive area of bushland and can be very treacherous.

These men were apparently first-timers and were not ready for what they were about to face. 

Always have some form of reliable communication, adequate food and water and the proper clothing in case something like this happens. 

And always let someone know where you’re going and when you’ll be back.”

Source: Daily Mercury

Photo: Tourism and Events Queensland.