Hide ‘Yo Kids: A Giant Zombie Nerf War Is Coming To Sydney This Sunday

If there’s anything that millennials are more prepared for than a zombie apocalypse, we don’t know what it is, and we don’t care to find out.
What we do care to find out, however, is how well we’d actually fare if zombies really did attack.
Well, wonderful folks of Sydney, you’re going to have a chance to find that out this very weekend.
This weekend, 850 people will head to the Sydney Showgrounds at Homebush for a zombie battle of epic proportions.
That’s right, Zedtown is back, and this year will be the biggest battle yet.
For six hours, attendees armed with nerf blasters will face the end of the world as the showgrounds are taken over by zombies, apocalyptic survivors and warlords, complete with actors, fake blood, an app, and a call-in radio station.
So tell us, dear readers. Could you survive to tell the tale?
Check out the trailer below:
Photo: LinkedIn.