Hey Sydney! Huxtaburger Is Coming To Sling You Delicious, Meaty Joy

Friends! The path to enlightenment is not one of physical endurance or superhuman achievement. It is a spiritual journey that engages the mind, the body, and the soul all at once; every sense alive and dancing the dance of life.

For it is not the road of war that leads to nirvana, but the road of peace, and joy, and wonderment. And it is through man’s most humble of inventions that we realise we are all naught but matter, idly orbiting each other, atoms crashing magnificently against atoms. We are but specks of sand in the grand ballet of the cosmos. And it is but through one thing – and one thing only – that the full splendour of happiness can be felt. Through one thing that the full capacity of the soul for love is revealed. Through one thing that we all become a collective, shining beacon of positive energy. And that one thing…
Delicious, tasty burgers.
Those of you with slightly more astute radars for food in Sydney would realise that some of Melbourne‘s best and cult-ish like eateries are making something of an invasion on your slightly more temperate shores. Surry Hills’ Harpoon Harry has been the facilitator of the southern invasion, hosting Belle’s Hot Chicken for a quick pop-up venture just a few short weeks ago.
And in just over a week’s time, they’re going to be playing host to arguably Melbourne’s best burger joint – the nationally renowned Huxtaburger.
With head chef and owner Daniel Wilson in tow, the burger eatery will be taking over the kitchen at Harpoon Harry for the entire weekend of July 25th and 26th, bringing their signature range of burgers – the classic Huxtaburger, the southern fried Claire, the Denise (she’s the hot one), the mighty Theo, or the veggie Sondra – as well as the usual range of chips and sides and such, to complement Harry’s already stonkin’ great range of delicious chilled beverages.
It’s not even Huxtaburger’s first foray into a pub kitchen, having previous taken over Melbourne live music institution The Curtin‘s food facilities for a six month residency over the course of last summer.
Wilson will also be signing copies of his newly released burger bible “The Huxtaburger Book: The Art & Science of the Perfect Burger,” if this tiny little window of burger goodness is simply not enough for you.
Loosen your belt straps, friends. These are no mere sandwiches of grilled meat and toasted bread. This is God, speaking to us through food.

Photo via Facebook.

via TimeOut.