Hey Guys, Did Anyone Lose $13 Million Worth of Drugs?

Hey guys, just putting the word out – if anyone’s lost $13 million worth of illegal narcotics, the NSW police have found them, and would sorta like to speak to you if you’ve got a minute.

News Limited report that, on Friday evening of last week, a green Toyota Camry crashed into some parked cars in the southern Sydney suburb of Bardwell Park, and the driver ran away.
When police attended the scene, they discovered “two blue ice chests and six white buckets” in the car, all filled with a white powder believed to be pseudoephedrine, commonly used in the production of ice.
“It was pleasantly surprising,” said police superintendent Gary Charlesworth, in the understatement of the fucking century. “This kind of luck rarely happens in policing.”
Soooooooo, guys, if you happened to misplace a large amount of pseudoephedrine and you’re not currently having your knees broken by some large men from a bikie gang, you may want to come forward.
Or don’t. It’s your call.