Heston Shot The World’s Most Expenno Bacon Sanga Into Space, ‘Cause Heston

Fun fact: The Jetsons debuted in 1962, a full seven years before man first set foot on the moon, but that fab-o piece of cartoon history actually took place in the year 2062. That means, right now, we are closer to living in the age of The Jetsons than the year the show first broadcast. 

“If that’s so, where the fuck is my robot nanny?”, we hear you cry. “Don’t I deserve to have a flying car and a suspiciously perfect nuclear family?” 

Yes. Yes you do. Unfortunately, while the concepts of cyborg maids, levitating vehicles and, uh, flawless families are probably still a lil’ while away, culinary madman Heston Blumenthal reckons the fine men and women of the future deserve ace space food today.

So he cooked up the world’s most expensive bacon sanga for astronaut Tim Peake. Obviously. 

Note: this isn’t him eating the sandwich, but it’s still an Insta of a dude eating in space, so make do:

Not quite as good as at home but they are definitely scrambled! #Space scrambled eggs. @iss #food #breakfast

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The chef has revealed he cooked up seven dishes for Peake as part of his ongoing six-month stint aboard the International Space Station, but among curries and crumbles, that bacon buttie was his crowning achievement. 

He told the Radio Times “I’m proud of that, of bringing that very British taste to Tim as he goes round Earth hundreds of time a day.” Sending that greasy goodness wasn’t easy; everyone knows the dangers of crumbs in space, so finding a way to can the bread while preserving the texture and taste of the thing was paramount. 

Oh, and because this is bloody space we’re talking about here, the cost of sending the thing up with Tim was unreal; the ingredients themselves were very similar to their terrestrial counterparts, but Heston said “I heard the fuel alone was a couple of million pounds.”

Take that, George, Jane, Judy and Elroy. Your pathetic, futuristic lives simply cannot compete with our exorbitant stacks of cash, an unfettered desire for breaded meats, and a genius who knows how to smash those two factors together. 

Source: Daily Telegraph. 
Photo: Grahan Denholm / Getty.