HERE’S YA BADGE: Gold Coast Cops Looking To Hit Up Schoolies For A Job

Between underage drinking, occasional violence and ~rumours~ of drugs – there’s plenty of reasons for coppers to keep an eye on the Schoolies crowd. While year on year they thank school leavers for staying safe and generally being champs, they’ve gotta make sure everyone gets home to their parents safe.
Usually they’re focused on bad eggs, but this year Gold Coast Cops will be hitting up law abiding young people, with a plan to score some signups for next year’s police academy. Police, Firies and Paramedics will join the military to have a careers expo targeting young people looking to shave their heads and become a badass. The Ambulance Service will also be around to teach CPR, to make sure you know what to do if your mate goes south.
Schoolies Chairman Mark Reaburn said it shows Schoolies a a whole lot more responsible than the media sometimes makes them out to be. “It’s a show of faith in the kids. There’s a very strong police presence at Schoolies and they’ve ­obviously noticed some potential recruits here.”
Gold Coast Police say – shockingly – that it will be a bit different to the usual schoolies experience: “It’s a new initiative at this year’s Schoolies and will hopefully prove popular with the kids who want to refresh from the partying”

Cause hey, there’s no reason why cops can’t be cool too.


Source: Courier Mail
Image: Superbad