Here’s The 15 Sexiest Ways To Make A Buck In Australia, According To Tinder

A couple years ago, Tinder added the option of incorporating your job and education deets into your meticulously-curated profile, and they have obviously taken the opportunity to sift through their most-swiped lists to find the hottest professions according to everyone’s grimy li’l fingers. 
After releasing the top 15 list for the United States last year, they’ve followed up today with data from a bunch more Tinder hot-spots, including, yep, good ol’ Straya.
And you might be surprised by what they found. 
The number one most-swiped profession for men in Australia is flight attendant, believe it or not, and that bears out across 7 of the 13 countries surveyed (the allure of the skies is universal). 
And for women? Swimming coach
Notable mentions for the blokes include nurse, artist and painter; the sheilas are raking in the superlikes in positions as law clerks, behavioural therapists and dental assistants
Unsurprisingly, model makes the top 15 for both lists.
Check out the full breakdown below, and amend your deets as you see fit – or consider heading overseas, maybe? Female business developers are killin’ it in France, and male dancers have it easy in the UK
There are worse reasons to travel, after all. 
1. Flight Attendant
2. Marketing Coordinator
3. Waiter
4. Painter
5. Nurse
6. Teacher 
7. Personal Trainer
8. Student
9. Model
10. Artist
11. Firefighter
12. Bartender
13. Lawyer
14. Doctor
15. Pilot
1. Swimming Coach
2. Student
3. Cabin Crew Member
4. Law Clerk
5. Social Media Manager
6. Hair Stylist
7. Childcare Worker
8. Rowing Coach
9. Dental Assistant
10. Model
11. Law Student
12. Waitress
13. Behavioural Therapist
14. Makeup Artist
15. Actress

Source: Tinder.
Photo: Catch Me If You Can.