Welp, it’s Hollywood’s night of nights friends, and the stars? Hoo boy lemme tell ya. The stars… they’re out BABY!

The 89th Oscars are about to kick off in L.A and before the aforementioned celebs hit the red carpet, they must of course be attended to by their thousands of assistants, each tasked with v. important jobs such as painting nails, spraying hair and applying whale placenta to eyelids or what have you.

Lucky for us sad poor nobodies, these once secretive pre-awards show activities are now documented at large and dumped copiously across your Instagram and Twitter feeds. 

We’ve carefully curated the best Oscars prep ‘grams & tweeties below, for you, the sickeningly curious and inquisitive public:

Here’s Jessica Biel jumping up and down whilst holding, what I can only assume, is some kind of gym equipment.

Sweating for the red carpet starts early because the need for after party pizza is REAL. #Oscars

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Amy Schumer forgot to leave the bed behind when she rolled out of it this morning, and it’s definitely ~A LOOK~.

What to wear? #oscars

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Chrissie Teigen maintains her perfect record of flawless online content presenting her cute as heck baby with an Oscar whilst preppin’.

Really the only person more PURE online than Chrissie, is The Rock.

Pre #Oscars workout and sweatin’ in my lucky Rock shirt. In my world on #Oscars night, there are no losers. #BurgersOrBabies #EveryoneWins ??????

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JT starts his Oscars Day with a Boomerang that demonstrates exactly what I’d do to his body, were I ever given the chance.

Warm up. #Oscars

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Pryanka Chopra, seen here wistfully gazing out a window whilst wearing the skin of her enemies, is getting Oscars ready FAM.

Oscars prep! ??twinning with @mubinarattonsey @patidubroff @lacyredway here we go

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Katie Holmes too seems to have crushed the bones of those who oppose her and ground them into a facial paste. Nice.

Sunday morning….face masks and pancakes ?? @kiehlsnyc

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Hey look it’s former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo and two people who are definitely not allowed to look her in the eye.

Getting Oscars ready right now with @sirjohnofficial and @justinemarjan!!! I want to thank @stellaartois and @marchesafashion for making me feel like a princess and giving me the ability to spread the word about the global water crisis. Everyone should go to www.buyaladyadrink.com and buy a Chalice. Each one helps @water provide 5 years of clean water to someone in the developing world. Thank you all so much again ???? #1Chalice5Years #OscarsSunday #sponsored

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Same Josephine Skriver... same.

it’s all about velvet matte lip stain for tonight’s glam look @victoriassecret #oscarnight

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Ryan Seacrest in lower-power mode as they recharge him for another intense evening of asking people about clothes.

Channeling Humphrey in @SeacrestStyle #oscars #eredcarpet #casablanca Photo: @sadaoturner

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Janelle Monae is excited for her first ever Oscars and now so am I.

The wake up and give thanks. ???? #preoscars2017 #hiddenfigures #moonlight

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