Here’s How Many People Died While Taking Selfies Over A 5-Year Period

The Turkish Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery has published some scary statistics on selfie-related deaths. As reported by the ABC and turned into a chart, over half of those deaths happened as a result of drowning.

The journal, titled ‘Media-based clinical research on selfie-related injuries and deaths’, reveals numbers for selfie-related incidents reported by the media from December 2013 to January 2017 around the world.

In terms of the stranger cases, a Chinese tourist was dragged underwater by a walrus in 2016 while he was trying to get a picture with it, and a Russian man died while posing with a grenade. You can see the full chart put together by the ABC below.

Drowning makes up the bulk of the incidents, followed by falling, crushed by train, and gunshot. Of course, these are just the numbers for incidents that were reported by the global media, so you could probably expect the true figures to be much larger.

If you feel like checking out the whole journal for yourself, you can do so right here.