Here’s Another ‘Can You Find The…’ Puzzle To Screw With Your Sanity

Okay, so you know those guys who made the ‘can you find this panda in a cohort of snowmen‘ puzzle? Well, here’s another one, and it’s going to rip whatever shreds of sanity you still possess into delicate little shreds and jump over them.

Go on, find the cat amongst the owls.

If we’re being fully honest here (and according to that annually polarising film Love Actually, “at Christmas, you tell the truth“) , this writer still thinks they all kinda look like cats. Fkn puzzle-makers. 

HINT 1: The beaks. Cats don’t have beaks.

HINT 2: This puzzle is… fifty shades of fucked up.

HINT 3: Much like your average domestic short hair, Beyonce puts everything she owns in a box to the ____.

HINT 4: It’s a cat.