Hello everyone and welcome to Tuesday, otherwise known as the day a 24-year-old woman with weed in her pocket failed to crack an egg over Scott Morrison‘s head.

But boy did she try.

That all happened at the Country Woman Association event in Albury, where ScoMo was due to give a chat and talk about how he’s not Bill Shorten or something. Fortunately for the PM, the egg in question didn’t even crack open, bouncing off his presumably soft as jelly head before being picked up by a journo on the scene.

Scott Morrison (very chill) quickly jumped on Twitter and connected the whole thing to the Australian union movement. Normal!

And while focusing on the attempted egging is easy because egging is funny, it’s worth noting that the CWA used the event to back a raise to Newstart. “It is impossible to live on $40 a day in rural and regional Australia,” said CWA President Tanya Cameron.

Earlier this month, social services minister Paul Fletcher dismissed calls to increase Newstart. Just a note that the Fletcher’s personally salary probably sits somewhere in the mid-six figures. Glad he’s doing well.

Bill Shorten all but confirmed a Labor government would increase the Newstart allowance and hinted at a wage increase could come for aged care workers once the royal commission wraps up.

Elsewhere, Tony Abbott is definitely not at all worried about losing his seat of Warringah. Not at all! That’s why he rolled out the Liberal Party’s Final Boss, John Howard, to give him a recorded endorsement to tweet out. Only problem is that Abbott tweeted it about the same time as all the egg chaos was happening, so not many other people saw it.

And things got worse for anyone searching the key words “Tony Abbott” today, because they’re probably more likely to see a story about the hollowed out book filled with shit that was left at his electorate office in Manly.

Politicians on both sides were also up in arms about pre-polling. Turns out fewer and fewer Australians want to the spend their Saturday on may 18 standing in a line waiting to tick a few boxes. Over a million have done pre-poll voting already.

Clive Palmer had an eventful day, having his effort to have vote results delayed on May 18 struck back while also officially launching his election campaign… on YouTube.

All in all, a pretty chill day. Unless you’re an egg or an egg enthusiast. Or the Prime Minister.