Here’s A Humanised SpongeBob Just In Time For You To Claw Your Own Eyes Out

Fuck this fuck this fuck this fuck this.
The internet is a good place most of the time. Normal place. Where regular things like shitposting or porn or verified Twitter accounts chain-tweeting under anything Donald Trump posts occurs. That’s 99.9% of what happens online.
But then sometimes that accursed .1% rears up and suddenly everything is bad and awful and the worst.
Turning up to work this morning, we sat down and opened up Twitter and were immediately confronted with this shit. Because we absolutely refuse to suffer it alone, we now present it to you. Enjoy.



These humanised SpongeBob Squarepants and Patrick Star are the work of 3D artist Miguel Vasquez and they are profoundly fucked.
You know those super ungodly lookin’ ocean creatures that only live in parts of the sea where light doesn’t exist? That’s what this is. An affront to God that got dragged kicking and screaming to the surface where it should not, and should never, be.
It’s bad, and we hate it. You’re welcome.

Source: Twitter.
Photo: Miguel Vasquez/ArtStation.